The apartment is located on the fourth floor of an apartment building close to the central square of Kolonaki. Such its size as their plans constitute a typical sample of the architecture of that era.

The daytime spaces are in contact with a long corridor that even the apartment is bright remains dark most of the day. For this reason two light stripes have been created, one on the ceiling and one on the floor. This design highlights the route from the daytime spaces to the more private bedrooms. This corridor is covered with the exact same wooden surface as the floor in a way that the doors leading to the main bathroom and a bedroom can be hidden.

The front space of the apartment that was divided in four small rooms, has been dealt as a whole. By demolishing the walls a pretty big space was created that contains the living room, the dining room, a study and a really impressive open space kitchen. This space is dominated by a marble "sculptural" structure that divides the living room from the dining room that incorporates a two faced fireplace.

The largest of the three bedrooms includes a private bathroom and a walk in closet. The see through glass wall between the bedroom and the bathroom creates unique atmosphere throughout all hours of the day.

The furnishing of the apartment is in very simple and modern lines in a way that matches its design philosophy. The wooden openings have been replaced but the original look has been preserved.


Architectural design:   PEOPLE |  www.peoplegroup.gr

Construction:   PEOPLE

photography © GEORGE FAKAROS