Aerial Videography

● Encompassing Drone aerial shots within a property photo shoot you can showcase the entire hotel property, landscape, nearby beauties – beachesfacilities.

Video snippets are more attractive than text links which results in high click through rate. Videos engage audiences which improve audience retention. High retention rate and low bounce rate signals search engines and the content is qualitative.

YouTube is owned by Google and it uplifts your videos and content in search engine ranking. Analytics give insights on audience retention, best and worst performing videos etc so marketers are focusing on video creation and distribution strategies.

● Marketers embrace video analytics to plan content strategies. While YouTube is lacking many video analytic features there are many custom made video players that come with analytics and tracking abilities.

and what are the overall advantages...?

● much more clicks than a single site, using photos.

● customers stay longer to the web site and are more confident for what they see.

● from the marketing aspect, a video presents much more details.

● videos are easily shareable in social networks and portfolios.

● from the Web point of view, a video is a powerful marketing tool.

● you can narrate your story.

"one photo equals to 1000 words but, one video is more that 1000 images.."



photography © GEORGE FAKAROS