ASEA Lounge Restaurant is the new Japanese restaurant of the Mystique a Luxury Collection Hotel which is known as one of the most emblematic hideaways in Santorini.Its name was born out of the island's unique sea and the word Asia. An immediate association between the view you encounter before you and what you are tasting.The menu is inspired by the precision and discipline which is characteristic of Japanese cuisine and it is presented with a simplicity in order to accentuate the exquisite quality of the fresh local sea-food.The design is developed on various ascending levels,offering diverse seating areas.This aesthetic proposal is inspired by the geomorphological terraces found in the landscapes of the islands of the Aegean.The renowned and traditional curves of the island are re-created and shape the restaurant's boundaries while in their interior,they eliminate any traditional form and create the ultimate design result. The mixture of a contemporary hub set within a traditional environment of natural beauty, produce a new sophisticated image. The dominant non-colour of the island, black, has the leading role in highlighting specific sections,combined with grey, as a symbol of prestige, sophistication and good taste. Then comes the contrast. Solid pieces of white Thassos marble come into contact with dark colors, reminiscent of the purity and blinding Greek sunlight that touches the black island of Santorini.The hard marble gives way to the soft black cork and natural teak,thereby softening the austerity of the rest of the color palette.Hard and soft textures,large colors contrasts a variety of differing materials reflect images of the island in a different way and create an unusual place where a single visit amounts to an experience.

Design by Stamos Hondrodimos |

photography © GEORGE FAKAROS