Stone House in Anavissos

The brief for the  Stone House in Anavissos was to create a permanent residence to house a family of four with the possibility of accommodating a couple of relatives with some autonomy. The basic demands were for all bedrooms to have a sea view and to create an office space on the ground floor for the family’s professional needs, especially the mother’s, who wanted to have maximum supervision of the children’s area. Other design aims were energy efficiency and year-round outdoor living - dining,swimming and playing.The site is situated in Lakka, above Anavyssos bay. Low vegetation, rocky ground (with a mild incline towards the bay to the south-east) and strong north-eastern winds - a local thermal phenomenon - are the main characteristics of the unwelcoming landscape. The L-shaped building protects the main courtyard area from strong local winds,simultaneously uniting the internal spaces and external functions of the residence.The ground floor, split into two levels, follows the gentle site incline to the sea. On the north-western side, and while sheltered spaces are interrupted, the residence’s structural elements break from the main volume and continue their course until they form an outdoor space that is protected to the north by fixed wooden louvers.This serves as the family’s “hidden” direct access to the kitchen, an area of summer luncheons and resting in the cool shade. It is the children’s secret garden; the stone columns just barely let the sunlight permeate and uncover the hidden sculpture behind them.

design by Whitebox Architects 

Panagiotis Kokkalidis + Aliki Triantafillidou + Anna Drella

photography © GEORGE FAKAROS